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This is how I roll. 

And that's just how life goes. In bed, under  quilt. Do you hold your favorite book  in hand? Yes? Perfectly. Actually, is  need anything else right now?  Sounds like a dream night to me.


Fragrance notes: 

Top notes: cardamom, smoked wood accord 

Middle Notes: Crushed Clove, Vetiver, Wild Patchouli 

Bottom Notes: Crystal Amber, Sandalwood, Ethereal Musk




SKU: GOF0010
  • Our candles are made in glass vessels, which perfectly diffuse the light of the candle. They are crowned with a previously hand-made illustration by a talented Polish illustrator, which is later printed on the label. Candles in the  Dary Oginia   collection  are made of ecological soy wax and are enriched with carefully selected fragrance oils, which enhance the effect through aromatherapy. Each is packed in a logged material bag made of raw cotton.

    Dimensions: Height 11.5cm, Diameter 6cm, Weight 115g, Average burn time: about 35h

    The "frost" effect is a natural phenomenon that does not affect the operation of the candle. This is the best sign that you are dealing with a soy candle.

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