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Fire has been worshiped since the beginning of mankind.
As it burns, it releases a living, pure energy that can be both creative and destructive. We believe that it can also carry intentions and send a signal to the Universe, transmitting the deep desires of our hearts.
In this ceremony a candle serves as a tool to support the desire for a Higher Presence.


Candles MystiqFlare not only smell beautiful or are a stylish addition to any space but they also carry a deeper message. We want them to be a gift for yourself or a loved one, a light in the dark, celebration favorite moments of the day, but above all - messenger of our wishes and desires, burned in the form votive candles or chakra stabilizing   


We believe in Energy Clean and we try to pass it on in everything we do. Our philosophy is based on fair-trade and zero-waste. Enjoy our handmade work of art, with hand-painted, dedicated drawings, and after the candle burns reuse its beautiful vessel, making it a part of your life.



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