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Location: above the gap between the eyebrows

Responsible for: awakened intuition

Poorly developed: results in e.g. over-reliance on scientific evidence and rejection of spiritual truths. It can also be manifested by hormonal imbalances or problems with maintaining balance

Hyperactivity: results in diminishing of daily life and excessive focus on the spiritual life

Remember that for best results, use the mantra and affirmations on the label when burning your candle, and try to surround yourself with indigo/purple

AJNA - third eye chakra

SKU: P006
  • Our candles are made in premium quality, magical glass vessels that perfectly diffuse the light of the candle. They are crowned with a hand-painted golden spike, and each tassel is matched to the color of the chakra. MystiqFlare candles are made of ecological  soy wax and are enriched with a combination of natural essential oils (and fragrance compositions for stabilization), which enhance the effects of aromatherapy. Each candle has a label with affirmations and is packed in a logged material bag made of raw cotton.

    Dimensions: Height 14 cm, Diameter 8.5 cm, Weight 200g

    The "frost" effect is a natural phenomenon that does not affect the operation of the candle. This is the best sign that you are dealing with a soy candle.

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