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  • Do the candles have their boxes?
    Candles are packed in signed cotton bags. However, if you need a box (e.g. for a gift), you will find a package dedicated to the size of candles in a given collection.
  • Will there be any discounts or promotions?
    From time to time we introduce offers with freebies. Our products have been fairly priced. Introducing a higher price to the market only to lower it later is not in our philosophy of inducing excessive consumerism - so we do not plan to introduce seasonal sales or discounts.
  • Can I order an individual candle?
    Of course, please contact us for this purpose. In the case of intention candles, we can, for example, create it in your language. In the case of Gifts of Fire, we can create a candle with an individually designed illustration, text and scent.
  • Why won't my candle burn?
    Candles, especially the intention candles and the awakening collection, may behave differently due to their energetic properties. They can go out spontaneously, the wicks can flood, the flame can dance/jump - we have no influence on this, because the energy of the candle owner is already working here :) However, if you are concerned, please contact us!
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